Why stair climbers are perfect for hire companies

When tasked with securing new products for hire companies, often what springs to mind are things like the latest generators, lighting equipment, plant; essentially the focus is drawn towards upgrading the offering of the more widely known solutions rather than seeking something entirely new and innovative.

That’s all well and good, but the problem many hire companies face is that this is somewhat of a saturated market and competition over pricing for the hire of more common equipment is high. Applying the laws of basic economics, while the demand may be high, so too is the supply and thus generally the margins are lower for the hire company.

If however the company was in possession of something more innovative and specialist that potential customers could only hire from a limited selection of suppliers, prices for hire are likely to be more, and thus it’s likely margins will be higher too.

Stair climbers are ideal for hire companies with great Return on Investment (ROI)

Stanley has worked with a number of hire companies over the years and most commonly we supply them with our range of stair climbers. Typically the stair walkers are used in hire situations for one-off or smaller projects, such as moving heavy white goods up stairs during a house move, or to move beer barrels out of cellars.

Of course, with the hire industry it’s all about utilisation of equipment; when you consider that the cost of a machine is potentially covered after just 6 weeks of hire at average market rates, the returns are very favourable indeed


If you’d like to find out more about how Stanley’s impressive range of powered stair climbers can benefit your hire business, you can view our stair walker machines here.

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