Why are disabled passengers still being failed?

Disappointedly it was recently highlighted how another international airport had failed a disabled passenger by not providing the appropriate facilities.

Paraplegic athlete Justine Levene landed at Luton Airport to find that his self-propelling wheelchair had been left behind on his flight.

Consequently, he dragged himself through the arrivals terminal after refusing to use a high-ridged chair, as he felt that this removed his independence.

Since the incident occurred last August, the airport has taken action to improve their facilities for disabled passengers. Their updated policies include a free-of-charge wheelchair loan replacement system, a pre-notification system and an arrangement with a local disability resource centre.

According to a recent government report, still only 78% of all passenger rail vehicles in GB have either been built or refurbished to meet modern accessibility standards.

Such actions are a step in the right direction, but more can be done by many other establishments who still do not have any arrangements in place.

Mr Levene has dropped his legal claim against Luton airport as they have taken on board his concerns.

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