Why having a stair climber in a care home is essential

When working in a care home it is important that the residents remain mobile to maintain good health. Staying active is an important part of their daily routine to keep fit and healthy.

But what happens when the lift in the care home breaks down, meaning that the residents cannot readily attend meal times, access the garden, participate in activities, go on trips or attend their medical appointments?

A lift failure then becomes a burden to those running the home. How do you freely move the residents so they can participate in the daily life of the care home? Simple tasks will soon become a time consuming process and potentially a health and safety risk.

It can take weeks for an engineer to diagnose the lift fault, yet alone order the part to fix the problem. In the interim what is your plan to keep the care home operating efficiently whilst protecting the needs of those in your care?

Having a duty of care to the residents means that you need to have a contingency plan.

Stanley work with care home providers throughout the UK to provide safe, efficient and dignified solutions for residents for when lifts are out of service, in case of emergencies or simply to add to the care experience.

What’s more we can provide competitive hire and finance packages to suit your requirements.



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