Wheelchair Stair Climbers: Lifting alternatives for your business

Many important environments such as hospitals, residential homes and high story buildings depend heavily on lifts for transporting people and goods, but what happens if that lift breaks down? Or you are unable to use it in case of a fire? What if we told you we had an excellent range of lifting alternatives… that you can hire or buy?

Here at stanley we provide mobility stair climbers or wheelchair stair climbers (if you prefer) to all kinds of domestic and business environments. We understand the importance of finding a lifting alternative when your lift breaks down, especially when you are waiting on a spare part or the labour to turn up and fix it. This is a case we are very familiar with, we have provided many mobility solutions to care homes, public buildings and consumers. Its our job to help our customers in their hour of need and to ensure our customers find the machine which suits their needs and budget.

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What types of mobility stair climbers are there?

stanley offer two types of mobility stair climbers, which are the Jolly and the Tolo.

The Jolly is a stair climber which eliminates the transfer process completely, it allows the user to be transported between floors in the comfort of their own wheelchair. It is a great machine for moving wheelchairs, motorised chairs and pushchairs. It does however need an operator to be fully confident in using the machine when transporting persons up and down stairs.

Although stanley offer certificated training to ensure complete confidence in our products, our stair climbers are very easy to use. There is no lifting involved, which many people have concerns about, but we can assure you it is a touch of button with the operator gliding the machine up and down the stairs, ensuring the user is relaxed and at ease during the motion. Another fantastic feature about the Jolly is its ability to be folded down, either to be stored away or it can be transported in the boot of a car. This means our customers can climb stairs in any location…

The next option is our Tolo stair climber. This a purpose-built stair climber which is favoured in domestic environments due to its many bespoke offerings. Its main stair climbing function can be used on all kinds of stairs including spiral stair cases and narrow landings. Again, this machine is touch button operated, with certificated training recommended.

We mentioned its bespoke offerings… Users can tailor the Tolo with padded lateral sides, retractor pads and arm rest adjustments for additional support. It can also be fitted with a remote control enabling the user to control the machine in and around the home without a carer, but we must add this joystick is not for stair climbing. In many cases stanley recommends the Tolo for users with specific needs, as this machine offers many wheelchair accessories.

Key points for both stair climbers

Climb stairs in any location

Rechargeable Battery

Automatic Brakes

Safety Belt

Certificated Training

24 Months Warranty

Free Site Survey & Demonstrations

stanley are pleased to offer a FREE site survey whereby our mobility team visit your home or business to carry out a full demonstration of both mobility stair climbers. This enables us to recommend the best solution for your needs, train the individuals who are planning to use the stair climber and to answer any questions you may have.

How much does a wheelchair stair climber cost?

stanley provide two mobility stair climbing solutions which cater to different needs.

We provide competitive purchase and leasing packages which allows our customers to hire out a stair climber for a period of time before making the jump to buy. Those who decide to buy can pay a 10% deposit and benefit from 12 months interest free, these payments can be as a little as £29 a week.

Machine, Training & Service

We are pleased to offer comprehensive packages which include stair climber, certificated training and 24 months warranty. This enables us to deliver the complete mobility solution, fully supported by our national sales and maintenance team.

If you would like more information please contact us today for a FREE site survey.

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