The vending industry involves some of the heaviest pieces of equipment around, which can be very difficult to lift and shift. With large retail vending machines in leisure facilities, to smaller dispensing units in offices, transporting each machine possesses its own unique challenge. Most commonly the issues are related to weight and access to buildings.

Unless you have a large van or truck with a fully-functional external lifting system, it can be extremely difficult to move vending units from the vehicle to ground level.

For this reason, Stanley present the PowerMate LiftGate.

This is a very realistic option to help make the van loading process a lot easier and more importantly, safer. The LiftGate is an internally-fitted lifting arm that enables the operator to manoeuvre vending machines from the rear or side door of a van onto ground level with one simple movement. This lifting device takes up minimal space inside the van, and is protected from the elements unlike traditional external lifts. The swing arm allows you to position the load inside the vehicle and saves the need to manhandle the load.

There are 2 versions offered: the LG-3 and LG-6. Both versions can be equipped with either a left or right-hand mounting configuration and can lift 114kg-227kg respectively.

Once the machines are at ground level, it’s more straightforward to move them via a hand truck or similar device, but if there are stairs involved it would be beneficial to use a stairclimber.

The first stairclimbing solution we present that’s particularly ideal for the movement of smaller vending machines is the Sprinter. This is designed to easily handle large, heavy objects with a weight capacity of up to 170kg. This lightweight and portable unit is perfect for the job, and folds away neatly into the back of a van.

For heavier units, we recommend the PowerMate series. These machines possess the ability to haul up to 680kg up and down stairs, which mitigate the stresses and strains faced by the workforce. Use of these machines also contribute to the overall image of the company, portraying a professional level of service for all customers.

PowerMate series

Some models are even fitted with a moveable toe plate, which allow the operator to transport loads up and down stairs and then onto a surface in a single motion.

PowerMate Series