The healthcare industry is heavily dependent on supply chain operations. Treatments often involve medication, one-time-use equipment such as syringes, or various technological devices that are ever-developing and evolving. If a fresh delivery of supplies is required, or equipment becomes redundant, or even if there’s just a general reshuffle, it’s inevitably a manual operation. It’s made slightly easier if it’s a hospital environment with large delivery lorries and expert teams of movers, but that often isn’t the case.

For this reason, Stanley presents the PowerMate LiftGate.

The LiftGate is an internally-fitted battery-powered lifting device that enables the operator to manoeuvre heavy boxes of medical supplies, dental chairs and beyond from inside a van to ground level in one simple movement. Installed in four hours, this device replaces traditional external lifts and the risk of manhandling loads. Whether you wish to have it on the left or right-hand side, or by the side or rear door, there are a range of configurations to choose from, depending on what works best for you.

The 2 versions offered are the LG-3 and LG-6, which lift 114kg-227kg respectively.

Well-paired with the LiftGate is the Pogo stairclimber.

This motorised hand truck is capable of lifting weights of up to 100kg up and down stairs at the touch of a button. Most suitable for heavy and bulky units, such as large oxygen tanks, the Pogo is a lightweight device that can be easily folded away when it’s not being used. When used in conjunction with the LiftGate, it is possible to simply lower weights onto the Pogo and then you essentially have an all-in-one vehicle lift and stairclimbing solution.

An alternative to the Pogo is the Sprinter, this machine can lift up to 170kg. It’s lightweight aluminium construction is a powerful piece of kit. Highly portable, the sprinter can easily be folded down to be tucked away into the rear of a van. Its lifting mechanism keeps a very low centre of gravity so you can keep the load fully under control. At the touch of a button operators can guide the swift machine up and down stairs at a rate of 48 steps per minute.