Working in the gaming industry, it’s common to transport interactive games machines, fruit machines, arcade classics and more. There’s little arguing that these units are heavy, and moving them around is no mean feat. With health and safety paramount, and manpower somewhat limited, it’s now even more important to find a safe and more efficient way to move these machines.

For this reason, Stanley presents the PowerMate LiftGate.

The LiftGate is an internally-fitted battery-powered lifting device that enables the operator to manoeuvre fruit machines, gaming machines and beyond from inside a van to ground level in one simple movement.

Installed in just four hours, this device replaces traditional external lifts and eliminates the risk of manhandling loads. Whether you wish to have it on the left or right-hand side, or by the side or rear door, there are a range of configurations to choose from, depending on what works best for you.

The 2 versions offered are the LG-3 and LG-6, which lift 114kg-227kg respectively.

Once the load is at the ground level, you can simply unstrap it and you’re good to go. However, for the next part of the journey it may not be so easy, not if there are stairs involved. That’s where Stanley stairclimbers come in.

The PowerMate Pogo can easily handle smaller games machines of up to 100kg, and it can be used with the LiftGate in one simple operation, saving you from making multiple moves. It’s a light-duty motorised hand machine and it enables you to reduce property and product damage.

PowerMate LiftGate

If you have a heavier load of up to 170kg, the Sprinter is of lightweight aluminium construction and it’s designed to make the lives of those who carry gaming machines easier. The Sprinter is light enough to be carried, and can easily be folded down so it can be tucked away into the rear of a van.

For those transporting much heavier machines, the PowerMate series would be an ideal solution. With lifting capacities ranging from 295kg with the L1, right up to 680kg with the M series, these machines are the goliaths of our portfolio and they’re built to last. They can easily handle the stresses and strains of shifting fruit machines and large interactive games machines up and down stairs, making the lives of your operators a lot easier and more importantly, safer.

PowerMate series