Transporting barrels, kegs and chillers is centric to the brewery industry, which is why it is so important to follow health and safety procedures during service as well as deliveries. Legislation is continuously changing and unit taxes on alcohol are on the increase; it’s ever more important to ensure processes and procedures are optimised across the board.

A key area many businesses fail to properly scrutinise is the supply chain. There’s little denying that it’s seemingly difficult to think much further than manpower and staffing levels, but what if the solution lay elsewhere?

PowerMate LiftGate

In light of the challenges faced by the brewery industry, Stanley presents its vehicle loading solution, the PowerMate LiftGate.

The LiftGate is an internally-fitted lifting arm that enables the operator to manoeuvre kegs, chillers, barrels and beyond from the rear or side door of a van onto the ground level with one simple movement. This lifting device takes up minimal space inside the van, and is protected from the elements unlike traditional external lifts. The swing arm allows you to position the load inside the vehicle and saves the need to manhandle the load.

There are 2 versions offered: the LG-3 and LG-6. Both versions can be equipped with either a left or right-hand mounting configuration and can lift 114kg-227kg respectively.

Once the load is out of the vehicle, it then needs to be transported into a bar, restaurant or club. This is a challenging task, especially if there are stairs involved.

PowerMate LiftGate

That’s where Stanley stairclimbers come in. We offer tailor-made stair climbing solutions that are designed to make life for those who handle the various goods associated with the brewery industry much easier and more importantly, safer.

We firstly present the PowerMate Pogo, which is a light-duty motorised hand truck, most commonly used for delivering small, heavier items such as kegs, of up to 100kg. This innovative stair climbing solution reduces property and product damage by ensuring a strong level of control is maintained during the moving process, which is easily conducted by a single operator.

PowerMate Pogo

An additional stair climbing solution that is ideal for the brewery industry is the Sprinter. The Sprinter is a compact, ergonomic powered stairclimber that can climb an impressive 48 steps per minute. With a weight capacity of 110kg-170kg, this model is of lightweight aluminium construction and highly portable. It’s small enough to fold down easily into the boot of a van, which makes it an ideal solution for delivery men on the go.