Stanley hold the key to the ultimate vehicle loading solution. Our winning combination of the PowerMate LiftGate and Pogo stairclimber eliminates the risk of material handling in and out of vehicles.

The LiftGate itself can carry up to 225Kg and can be bolted to the back of a van or truck within 4 hours.

This unique machine is very easy to use, as just a touch of button and a little manoeuvring is needed to move products in and outside of a vehicle. At the same time, its one man operation system delivers a saving on labour costs.


Another offering is the Pogo stairclimber. This is a model favoured for moving heavy and awkward products up and down stairs. However, most recently we found combining this machine with the LiftGate provided a bespoke solution for the brewery industry. Leading brewers have already invested in the duo due to their compatibility for transporting chillers and barrels in a single motion. This results in a quick and efficient delivery of goods which ultimately saves money on the bottom line.

Pogo stairclimber

Although this solution is perfect for the brewery industry, we believe these machines hold the answer to many businesses. Stanley prides itself on the ability to advise and deliver a solution which not only improves cost efficiency but at the same time enforces good health and safety practice.

Challenge us to find the perfect vehicle loading solution for you.

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