Tolo Q&A with sales manager Katie Garner

Sales Manager Katie has worked with Stanley for just over a year. In that time, she has quickly been promoted from customer services support to her current sales role. Her passion for finding the best mobility stair climber solution for her customers is strongly reflected in rapport that she has built. In her spare time, Katie is a true animal lover. She enjoys spending time with both her horse Bugsy and Milo her French Bulldog.

Below Katie answers your questions about the Tolo mobility stair climber.

Q. For those who have never heard of a mobility stair climber, can you briefly explain what the Tolo is?

A. The Tolo is a battery-powered mobility unit. Its unique design enables a trained operative to manage the majority of staircases smoothly and safely, ensuring the correct body posture for the occupant.


Q.How does the Tolo differ from other mobility aids, say a stair lift for example?

A. The battery-powered unit gives freedom and independence to those requiring a mobility solution at home, work or in their social life.

What’s more the stair climber is a proven success for use in emergencies, such as evacuations and lift failures. It is the perfect stair climbing solution for those who need planning permission to make significant material changes to their property, such as occupiers of listed buildings.

And it is ideal if you cannot or do not want to make permanent and lasting changes to the structure of your home or business.

Q.Who would typically use a Tolo stair climber?

A. The Tolo is used in domestic homes as well as in commercial environments. We have clients across a range of industries. Before a demonstration I would need to see photographs of the stairs to check the suitability.

Typical industries include:

  • Care homes for lift failures and fire evacuations
  • Public buildings
  • Listed buildings where alternations cannot be made
  • Football stadia
  • Wedding venues
  • Restaurants
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Councils
  • Occupational therapists

Tolo wheelsQ. Is a mobility powered stair climber difficult to operate?

A. In short no. It has a simple push button control to power the machine up and down the stairs. Also with every purchase the user is given either familiarisation or certificated training  – depending on where it will be used.

Q. Is it expensive?

A. The unit is a much more cost-effective way to manoeuvre up and down the stairs ,when compared with permanent alternatives such as a stair or platform lift. Stanley can offer competitive 0% finance packages as well as hire options.

Q. What are the benefits?

  • A smooth, comfortable ride up and down the stairs
  • No jolting movement during transit
  • Ease of use with a simple push button control
  • Automatic braking system for peace of mind
  • Can be used on spiral, winding and straight stairs
  • Will overcome door thresholds
  • Eliminates the need for expensive lift installations
  • Overcomes the issue of building modifications
  • Bespoke accessories available
  • Certificated training available
  • 24-month parts warranty included

Contact Katie on 0800 298 2980 or [email protected] if you would like more information on the Tolo or to arrange a free demonstration at your home or organisation.


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