See the Tolo Mobility Stair Climber in action

Versatile and easy to use, the Tolo is a comfortable battery-powered mobility unit, delivering independence and safety. Its unique design enables a trained operative to manage the majority of staircases smoothly and safely, ensuring the correct body posture for the occupant. 

Ideal for both private and commercial customers, the Tolo is suitable for domestic use as well as in the office and public buildings, residential care homes and hotels.

The simple push button control makes it an effective evacuation solution in the event of an emergency and a reliable alternative to powered stair lifts. The powered mobility stair climber is your ideal partner for overcoming all your stair climbing needs.

Watch the video below to see the Tolo Mobility Stair Climber in action

A trained individual is required during the stair climbing process, which is a straightforward task, completed at the touch of a button. The sophisticated braking function allows for stopping on the stairs safely and securely, at any point.  

The Tolo mobility stair climber offers two functionalities, one being an operator controlled stair climbing solution and the other an independent driving system.

Its unique drive system enables the user to navigate the machine around the environment unaided, affording independence, increased quality of life and freedom.  

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The seat has many configurations to choose from, such as foldable armrests, headrest and an adjustable footrest, with other lateral support options available.

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Features & benefits of the Tolo


• 120 kg maximum capacity

• Climb speed of 20 steps per minute

• Range of 72 floors at maximum capacity

• Built-in battery charger

• Anti-skid, non-marking wheels

• Safety belt

•Supporting stand for operator rest on stairs 

• Adjustable driving handles

• Emergency button for safety

• Step minimum depth: 12cm/24cm upon request

• Stair minimum width: 65cm

• Indoor powered chair option  – Tolo 2000E

• Smooth and comfortable on stairs and door thresholds

• Overcomes architectural challenges

• Eliminates the need for building or stair alterations 

• Easily transportable

• Simple push button control

• Automatic braking system for peace of mind

• Bespoke accessories available

• Free demonstrations

• National maintenance coverage

• Certificated training provided

• Competitive finance options

• 24-month parts warranty included

Stair climbing solution for lift failures and fire evacuations

The  Tolo is an efficient safety solution that can be used during emergency situations, such as  a lift failure or fire evacuation,  when a safe and reliable way to manoeuvre down the stairs is required for those who are disabled or physically impaired. 

If a lift breaks down, it can often take up to two weeks for an engineer to arrive on site to diagnose the fault. To order the part and fix the lift can take even more valuable time. In the interim, vulnerable people are unable to travel comfortably up and down the stairs. 

Stanley experienced this first hand when the manager of  Collinson care home made an enquiry about stair climbers after their lift broke down. The sales team quickly conducted a site survey to explore which options would be most appropriate for the customer, stair size and their budget.

The Tolo was one of the solutions that was recommended to the customer. Several carers were  given training on how to use the Tolo stair climber. Shortly afterwards  the elderly residents were able to be transported up and down the stairs in a smooth and efficient manner. 

Should you experience a faulty lift at your place of work it is your duty of care as an employer to provide an alternative solution. Contact our sales team on 0800 298 2980 to arrange a free site visit where your options can be discussed.