The simple and easy way to carry heavy items during a house move

The simple and easy way to carry heavy items during a house move

moving heavy boxes on the stairsMoving home is a stressful process at the best of times. One major challenge is the organising and transporting out of the home of large, heavy items such as furniture and white goods. Belongings can not only become damaged but more often than not a personal injury can occur. Which is unwelcomed during an already hectic time.

Any moving tips or tricks that reduce worry and stress are invaluable. Advanced planning and list-making are a must. And additional help from family and friends is useful but this may not be available or even allowed.  Particularly when moving during lockdown.

Removal companies are expensive. Often the cost of hiring a removal company is not justified when only a few large, heavy items need to be shifted.

Cost-effective tools to help during a house move are available. They include safety straps and sliders for moving heavy furniture and appliances.

However, such tools fall foul when belongings need to be moved from a flat or over awkward steps and kerb thresholds since they do not help on the stairs.

stair climber hire The house moving aide from Stanley

The safe and reliable alternative to help with lifting heavy objects and possessions out of your property is to hire a powered stair climber. A Sprinter powered stair climber is the perfect house moving aide.  It will safely and efficiently move various items that weigh up to 225kg using customisable accessories to reduce the risk of injury and damage. Carry your belongings in a controlled and safe way. Make moving home less stressful.

Powered stair climber hire starts from just £199 +VAT per day or £299 + VAT per week. Stanley offers a reduced rate for longer periods of hire, should your home move take longer than anticipated.

Each machine is delivered abiding by strict COVID-19 social distancing rules and receives a pre-delivery inspection before leaving our site.

Hiring a powered stair climber is the safe, reliable solution to move your white goods, furniture, and heavy boxes during lockdown.

Contact Stanley today for availability on [email protected] or call 0800 298 2980

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