See the Stanley Sprinter Pro 425 climber in action

A powered stair climber from Stanley ensures the safe, quick and efficient transportation of materials on stairs, uneven steps and kerbs.

Watch the video below to see the Sprinter Pro 425 stair climber carry goods up stairs

The Sprinter Pro 425 is the most powerful powered stair climber in the Sprinter range. With a carrying capacity of up to 425kg, the Sprinter Pro 425 stair climber trolley enables weighty and awkward loads to be manoeuvred by a single operator

Suitable for carrying items such as precision instruments, engines, pianos, safes, gas cylinders, data servers and even comms cabinets.

The caterpillar tracked machine is self-levelling, keeping the centre of gravity of the load at all times. This reduces the risk of a manual handling injury whilst preventing the materials from becoming damaged during transportation.

The powered stair climber adheres to strict H&S guidelines and EC handling regulations, so you can rest assured that your business is operating compliantly. And you will receive further peace of mind knowing that the parts are covered by a 12-month warranty.

With a wide range of accessories available, The Sprinter Pro 425 powered stair climber can be fully customised to your business providing a quick ROI.

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Features & benefits of our powered stair climber


  • Maximum capacity: 425Kg
  • Twin speed function: up to 16 steps per min
  • 3-4 hours fast charge lithium battery
  • Battery meter to show remaining power
  • Battery capacity:   1600 steps
  • Weight of battery unit: 3.2kg
  • Turning radius 1500mm
  • Weight of machine: 92kg
  • High-grade caterpillar tyres
  • Overall size:   1620mm x 614mm x 1030mm
  • Self-levelling machine protects the user and the load
  • Impressive 425kg lifting capacity
  • Single operator usage cuts the manpower required
  • Reduce the risk of manual handling injury
  • Improve efficiency of business operations
  • Most cost-effective machine in this category on the market
  • Anti-slip high grade caterpillar tracks
  • Range of up to 1600 steps on a single charge
  • Suitable for loads such as engines, precision instruments, safes, and vending machines
  • Safely and confidently stop anywhere on the stairs
  • Allows for 360-degree rotation on the floor
  • Remote control is easy to use
  • Keeps the materials balanced during transportation
  • Automatically switch from wheel to climb mode
  • Free demonstrations
  • National maintenance coverage
  • Certificated training available
  • Preventive maintenance schedule available
  • Conform to EC handling regulations
  • Competitive finance options
  • 12-month parts warranty included