See the Stanley Sprinter 225 stair climber in action

A powered stair climber provides a quick, safe and efficient material handling solution for carrying heavy loads on the stairs.

Watch the video below to see the Sprinter 225 stair climber carry goods up stairs

With a carrying capacity of up to 225Kg, the Sprinter 225 powered stair climber trolley will allow you to manoeuvre awkward loads up and down stairs with just a single operator.

A Stanley powered stair climber not only provides convenience and a reduction in labour required to move heavy loads, but also the lightweight machine can significantly reduce the potential risk of accidents and personal injury on the stairs.

The powered stair climber adheres to strict H&S guidelines and EC handling regulations, so you can rest assured that your business is operating compliantly. And you will receive further peace of mind knowing that the parts are covered by our 12-month warranty.

With a wide range of accessories available, each powered stair climber can be fully customisable to your business giving you a fast ROI.

The puncture proof tyres, simple touch button control and rechargeable battery with monitor are just a few of the features which make the Sprinter 225 a market leading powered stair climbing trolley.

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Features & benefits of our powered stair climber


• Maximum capacity: 225Kg

• Twin speed function: 32 / 41 steps per min

• 2.5 hours fast charge

• Battery meter to show remaining power

• Battery capacity: 1000-1400 steps

• Weight of battery unit: 2.3Kg

• Weight of machine: 27Kg

• Puncture proof tyres

• Overall size:1590mm x 545mm x 540m

• Highly portable

• Simple push button control

• Quick connect safety straps

•Removable lithium battery technology for in-transit

charging, with power display meter

• Adjustable stainless handle for varying load heights

• One-man operation reduces manpower

• Operates on tight landings

• Free demonstrations

• National maintenance coverage

• Certificated training available

• Preventive maintenance schedule available

• Conform to EC handling regulations

• Competitive finance and hire options

• 12-month parts warranty included

•Extensive range of accessories for specific

industry requirements

• Foldable loading board to save space

• Two speed settings for extra safety

•Automatically detects the staircase edge for

added security

• Double beam frame increases the strength grade

Moving white goods up or down a set of stairs is not a straightforward task, particularly when the product to be transported is a bulky item such as a washing machine. 

As a business, you have a duty of care to your workforce. By using the Sprinter 225 stair climber you will be complying to the requirements expected of you as an employer.

A powered stair climber is a simple cost-effective solution which allows the operator to move a washing machine safely and efficiently. 

The Sprinter 225 enables white goods, such as a washing machine, to be delivered by a single worker in a safe, controlled environment. The risk of personal injury is removed, significantly reducing the likeliness of litigation claims against a business and the resulting bad press associated with such claims.  The innovative trolley gives the operator greater control over the movement of the washing machine reducing the potential damage to the product and the place of delivery whilst displaying professionalism to your customer. 

Contact our sales team to find out how the Sprinter 225 can help your business become more efficient and compliant.