stanley have yet another successful Executive Hire Show

Last week stanley attended the Executive Hire Show for a third year to demonstrate the quick returns on their award-winning stair climber range

ROI in just five weeks

Stand stair climber demoIf you attended the event and visited our stand, you would have seen a lot going on.

There were regular demonstrations of our Sprinter stair climber range, which can give a hire company a return on investment in as little as five weeks.

Not only this, stanley were excited to launch three new products at the event to hundreds of visitors!


New product launches

The new Sprinter 250 model has the capacity of carry loads weighing up to 250Kg, perfect for safely and efficiently moving larger items up and down the stairs.

The stair climber is lighter, faster and more robust than other models currently available on the market. 12Kg has been removed from the previous 190 model, which is invaluable to an operator using the equipment for lengthy periods.

Don’t forget that a stair climber from our award-winning range can provide a return in just five weeks! Which is likely to be much quicker than many other tools in a hire companies’ portfolio.

Minimal training is required making it is well placed for a hirer’s fleet. Plus, the compact, foldable design allows it to fit into both a private or commercial vehicle with ease.

And remember, if you want your stock to work harder for you by making you money quicker and more frequently, a stair climber is a no brainer.

Ramps generate huge interest

The foldable ramp and roll-up ramp were the two other products successfully unveiled to the audience at the event.

The stanley foldable ramp is available in a range of lengths to accommodate several applications and functions. The easy to install ramp is highly portable and folds-up for transportation and storage. Simply wheel the ramp to the desired location and then unfold. The structure is ready to use anywhere in seconds. At 15cm wide when folded, only a small storage area is required for this compact and versatile ramp solution.

Alternatively, the stanley roll-up ramp provides a convenient and practical solution for both mobility and commercial users who require a ramp that can not only be easily stored but can reach unlimited lengths. With the ability to add and remove modules, this unique feature enables the user to create a bespoke ramp for their needs.

Both ramp solutions will enable better access for friends and family, provide versatility in public areas and make your personal or business life safer and more convenient.

Our sales team are waiting for your enquiry about our new products. Email [email protected] for more information.

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