Working in the healthcare industry, you’ll be aware of the various objects well above the comfortable weight threshold for a single individual to carry. Be it a laboratory freezer, a dental treatment chair or a breathing apparatus, it can be quite a complex procedure to move these objects between rooms on the same floor and if there’s a staircase involved, this further complicates matters. With ever-tightening health and safety legislation and a stronger focus on improving efficiency, especially in the public sector, it’s arguably more important than ever to ensure processes across the board are optimised.

So how do you tackle stairs? Stanley offer the solution. Our range of stairclimbers are designed to easily ascend and descend staircases, regardless of their shape, size or location.

Our first stair climber ideal for use in hospitals, dental centres, GP clinics, care homes and beyond is the PowerMate Pogo. The PowerMate Pogo is a light-duty motorised hand truck, most commonly used for delivering small but bulky units such a heavy box of medical supplies, with a weight capacity of 100kg. This clever solution for stair climbing ensures a strong level of control is maintained throughout the moving process, which is easily conducted by a lone operator.

PowerMate Pogo

A further lightweight stairclimbing solution is the Sprinter, which is a compact, ultra-lightweight powered stairclimber of ergonomic design, capable of climbing up to an impressive 48 steps in a minute. Its lightweight aluminium construction is capable of lifting 110kg-170kg, which is ideal for hand-carrying, and small enough to easily fold down into the rear of an ambulance, van or shuttle bus.


A further stairclimbing solution for the heavier objects such as a dental treatment chair is the SC series, which can easily manage up to 310kg. These machines possess the capabilities required to carry large, heavy items with relative ease, due to their rigid design and an extensive testing programme.

SC series

Lastly, the PowerMate series are the strongest machines in our portfolio. They can easily handle up to a whopping 680Kg with some models fitted with a movable toe plate. The plate allows the stairclimber to place heavy objects onto a surface or mount several stairs in one single motion. This can ultimately speed up the process and save time which is highly valued in the healthcare industry.