If you’re in the gaming industry, it’s fairly common to shift large, heavy gaming and gambling machines, and more often than not requires multiple persons straining and bending, while trying to maintain good posture to prevent injuries.

If there are staircases in the premises, the challenge of moving these machines is magnified significantly, and a whole range of additional health and safety hazards are introduced which further complicate matters.

In light of the challenges involved in the movement of gaming machines, Stanley present the PowerMate series of stairclimbers, which are the strongest machines in our portfolio. Each model differs in size and capability, some even fitted with a moveable toe plate, with the capacity to carry loads up to 680Kg.

PowerMate series

Whether your staff move touch-screen roulette machines, multimedia gaming machines for pubs, or even blackjack tables for casinos, the PowerMate M1 and M2B are designed to navigate stairs while protecting the product and customers’ property.

PowerMate M1 and M2B

Let Stanley’s portfolio of stair climbers do the lifting and shifting for you.