In the education sector, it’s often necessary to shift bookcases, lockers, and desks all around schools, colleges and universities, and if you’re tasked with this job, it can be painstaking work. With ever-tightening health and safety legislation and often just one caretaker in charge of facilities management, it’s a difficult challenge to tackle.

That’s where Stanley come in. We offer tailor-made stair climbing solutions that are designed to make life for those handling school equipment easier.

We firstly present the Sprinter. The Sprinter is a compact, ergonomic and ultra-lightweight powered stairclimber that is capable of climbing up to an impressive 48 steps per minute. With a weight capacity of 110kg-170kg, this model is of lightweight aluminium construction. It’s light enough to be carried, and small enough to fold down easily into the boot of a van, school bus or beyond. It can easily climb stairs with desks, large boxes of books and other educational supplies on board.


The final stairclimbing solution ideal for education is the SC series, which can carry an impressive 310kg. This machine has the capability of carrying large, heavy bookcases with relative ease, which are otherwise impossible to haul up and down stairs with a single operator. Brightly coloured red and of rigid design, the SC series ensures the longevity and product finish you’d expect to be offered by Stanley.

SC series