Moving barrels, kegs and other heavy loads is no mean feat, and if there are stairs involved, then it’s even more difficult. With limitations on manpower, spatial constraints and health and safety restrictions, it’s arguably more important than ever to be up to date on safety processes and legislation.

That’s where Stanley come in. We offer tailor-made stair climbing solutions that are designed to make life for those who handle the various goods associated with the brewery industry much easier and more importantly, safer.

We firstly present the PowerMate Pogo, which is a light-duty motorised hand truck, most commonly used for delivering small, heavier items such as kegs, of up to 100kg. This innovative stair climbing solution reduces property and product damage by ensuring a strong level of control is maintained during the moving process, which is easily conducted by a single operator.

PowerMate Pogo

An additional stair climbing solution that is ideal for the brewery industry is the Sprinter. The Sprinter is a compact, ergonomic and ultra-lightweight powered stairclimber that is capable of climbing up to an impressive 48 steps per minute. With a weight capacity of 110kg-170kg, this model is of lightweight aluminium construction. It’s light enough to be carried, and small enough to fold down easily into the boot of a van. This machine will easily ascend and descend stairs with kegs or chillers at the touch of button.


The final stairclimbing solution ideal for brewers is the SC series, which can carry an impressive 310kg. This certainly has the capability of carrying heavy chillers with no issues, which are otherwise impossible to haul up and down stairs with a single operator. They’re brightly coloured red and of rigid design, which ensures the longevity and product finish you’d expect to be supplied by Stanley.

SC series

All the above stairclimbers can be combined with the PowerMate LiftGate to provide the ultimate vehicle loading solution for the brewery industry.

PowerMate LiftGate

The LiftGate itself can carry up to 225Kg and can be bolted to the back of a van or truck within 4 hours. This unique machine is very easy to use, as just a touch of button and a little manoeuvring is needed to move products in and outside of a vehicle. At the same time, its one-man operation system delivers a saving on labour costs.

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