The logistical task of delivering parcels to several locations can be challenging. This is compounded further by next day delivery promises, road congestion issues, architectural barriers as well as awkward heavy loads to contend with.

A Stanley powered stair climber not only provides a reduction in labour required for multi-drop deliveries, but the lightweight machine can significantly reduce the potential risk of accidents and personal injury on the stairs during the collection and delivery process.

Physical effort and strain is minimised, reducing the potential risk of ligation claims from employees, whilst simultaneously improving the health & safety processes within your business. Get that simple peace of mind knowing that you are operating compliantly and safely.

By helping to prevent damage to the customer’s goods and the place of delivery, a powered stair climber enables you to present a professional image and improve upon customer service.

That’s where Stanley come in…

We offer tailor-made stair climbing solutions that are designed to make the life of a multi-drop delivery driver easier.

The Benefits

  • Eliminates Damage to Product & Premises
  • Deters Injury and Increases Efficiency
  • Competitive Purchase and Leasing packages
  • 12-Month Parts Guarantee
  • Certificated Training
  • National Maintenance Team of Engineers
  • Extensive Range of Accessories for Specific Requirements

Our products are fully supported by our national Service & Parts team who are licensed and trained to carry out certificated LOLER & Thorough Examinations.

Sprinter 85

Weighing just 13.5Kg, with a carrying capacity of up to 85Kg, the Sprinter 85 powered stair climber allows awkward loads up to be manoeuvred up and down stairs with just a single operator.

It is particularly using for carrying several shopping totes at once, in one single trip. What is more, between drops, the machine neatly folds away in the front of a delivery vehicle.


This is a highly portable powered stair climber which can lift up to 225kg at the touch of button. It can climb an impressive 48 steps per minute and can be folded down easily into the boot of a van. It is suitable for lifting heavy boxes, materials and equipment on all types of stairs.

Sprinter 190

PowerMate Pogo

This is a light-duty motorised hand truck, most commonly used for delivering small, heavier items up to 100kg.

PowerMate Pogo

PowerMate Series

These machines carry the largest capacity of 680Kg. They are perfect for transporting vending machines, with some models even fitted with a moveable toe plate. This unique features allows the operator to transport the loads up and down stairs and then onto a surface using a single motion.