Stair Climbers for Grocery Delivery

Online shopping across all sectors in particular grocery, has increased over recent months. The spike in online retailing has led to a rise in work related injuries to warehouse and delivery staff.

The process from picking and packing orders, fulfilment and delivery presents many difficulties to an online grocery retailer. The industry is competitive, margins are often small meaning that any enhancement to the delivery process is valuable.

A grocery delivery driver has to contend with large heavy orders, as well as carrying these loads over architectural barriers such as kerbs and flights of stairs. These challenges can increase the risk of an injury to the worker and slow the number of deliveries made throughout the day, impeding business operations and ultimately impacting on customer satisfaction.

A Stanley powered stair climber not only provides a reduction in the labour required for multi-drop grocery deliveries, but the lightweight machine can significantly reduce the potential risk of an accident or personal injury on the stairs, during the delivery process.

As heavy groceries are being delivered, physical effort and strain is minimised, reducing the potential risk of a ligation claim from an employee, whilst simultaneously improving the health & safety processes within a business.

By helping to prevent damage to the customer’s groceries and the place of delivery, a powered stair climber presents a professional image for a supermarket and delivers great customer satisfaction.

The Benefits

  • Online grocery deliveries made safely and quickly
  • Present a professional image when delivering online orders
  • Deliver more online orders in less time
  • Lightest powered stair climber on the market – only 13.5kg
  • Lightweight, foldable frame for easy stowage
  • Reduce the risk of manual handling injury
  • Improve the efficiency of business operations
  • Anti-slip caterpillar tracks
  • Easily switch from wheels to climb mode
  • Twin-speed function for operator safety
  • Adjustable handle for varying load height
  • Manoeuvrable on tight landings
  • Removable battery for in-transit charging
  • Bespoke accessories for different sectors
  • Competitive Purchase and Leasing packages
  • 12-Month Parts Guarantee
  • Certificated Training
  • National Maintenance Team of Engineers

Our products are fully supported by our national Service & Parts team who are licensed and trained to carry out certificated loler, thorough examinations.

Sprinter 85

Weighing just 13.5Kg, with a carrying capacity of up to 85Kg, the Sprinter 85 powered stair climber allows awkward loads up to be manoeuvred up and down stairs with just a single operator.
It is particularly using for carrying several shopping totes at once, in one single trip. What is more, between drops, the machine neatly folds away in the front of a delivery vehicle.