Stair Climbers for the Construction Industry

The risk of a manual handling injury occurring on a construction site is high, arguably it is one of the most dangerous sectors in the world to work in. Workers are required to move, bend, and lift heavy items daily.

Understanding the risks involved in a construction operation can mean the the difference between success and failure for the construction company.

Moving building materials such as sand, cement, plasterboard for example can put a huge strain on the body. What is more, many construction workers can find themselves working alone which further adds to the potential burden and risk of an injury.

The mounting health and safety rules on construction sites make it more important than ever to find viable solutions that protect the workforce and business, whilst increasing overall efficiencies.

Stanley’s powered stair climbers and alternative vehicle loading solutions can improve site safety and improve margins.

Safely and quickly carry a range of building materials up and down the stairs.

By helping to prevent damage to the customer’s groceries and the place of delivery, a powered stair climber presents a professional image for a supermarket and delivers great customer satisfaction.

The Benefits

  • Fitting for construction sites
  • Reduce the risk of manual handling injury
  • Manoeuvrable on tight landings
  • Quickly switch from wheels to climb mode
  • One-man operation reduces manpower required on site
  • Bespoke accessories for construction industry
  • Door and panel accessory make awkward materials such as doors or plasterboard an ease to move
  • Competitive Purchase and Leasing packages
  • 12-Month Parts Guarantee
  • Certificated Training
  • National Maintenance Team of Engineers
  • Removable lithium battery for quick in-transit or on-site charging

Our products are fully supported by our national Service & Parts team who are licensed and trained to carry out certificated loler, thorough examinations.

Sprinter 225

This is a highly portable powered stair climber that can lift to 225kg at the touch of a button. It is light enough to be carried around a construction site and can easily be stowed in a van or storage cupboard. This model climbs an impressive 34 steps per minute and features a removable battery for on-site or in-transit charging.

Sprinter 225

Sprinter 190

With a carrying capacity of up to 190kg, the Sprinter 190 powered stair climber trolley enables heavy loads to be carried up and down the stairs quickly and safely with just a single operator.

Combined with the innovative door panel accessory, any construction worker will be able to carry materials such as plasterboard or heavy doors around a building site safely and with ease.


The Stanley Lifter is a self-lifting device for loading materials into the back of a vehicle or onto shelves. With a 170kg lifting capacity, the machine makes loading and unloading operations more efficient. The 1.1m maximum lifting capacity and remote control further reduce the risk of injury. And it is cost effective when compared to a permanent tailgate solution.

PowerMate LiftGate vehicle loading

To optimise the efficiency of vehicle loading Stanley recommend a combination of stair climber with the use of a PowerMate LiftGate. This machine can carry up to 225Kg and is secured to the back of a van or truck in just 4 hours. It is easy to use, the operator simply pushes a button to guide the load in and outside of the vehicle. At the same time, its one-man operation system delivers a saving on labour costs.

Our vehicle loading solutions are a cost-effective alternative to a tail lift.