Commercial linen and workwear services

Moving, carrying, and lifting linen or workwear is a challenging task for commercial laundry businesses, particularly when the items are wet and heavier than usual.
This can be even more difficult if stairs are involved as there is a risk of the worker obtaining a manual handling injury.

Stanley has worked closely with the commercial laundry industry to develop a manual handling solution that safely and efficiently moves up to four times more linen than a standalone employee. The result is safer conditions for the worker, a happier workforce, a more efficient process, and improved customer satisfaction.

The Benefits

  • Move linen and laundry weighing up to 85kg/120kg with the powered stair climber
  • Safely transport clean or heavy wet dirty laundry up and down the stairs
  • Reduce the risk of a manual handling injury and cut sickness levels
  • Demonstrate to staff that you take health and safety seriously
  • Improve efficiencies each shift
  • Better customer satisfaction

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Our products are fully supported by our national Service & Parts team who are licensed and trained to carry out certificated loler, thorough examinations.

Sprinter 85

The lightweight powered stair climber weighs just 13.5kg yet has a carrying capacity of up to 85Kg. The Sprinter 85 stair climber trolley will allow for awkward loads, such as bags of linen, to be safely manoeuvred up and down stairs with just a single operator.

Not only are there huge labour cost savings to be made, but the lightweight machine can significantly reduce the potential risk of personal injury and expensive litigation claims.