See the Stanley Sprinter Hybrid 190 stair climber in action

Watch the video below to see the Sprinter Hybrid 190 stair climber carry goods up stairs

The Sprinter Hybrid 190 is a revolutionary manual handling machine combining the functionality of the Sprinter Lifter automatic hand stacker with the technology of a Sprinter powered stair climber. The result is an integrated lifter and powered stair climber that allows for the safe, quick, and efficient loading and unloading of materials.

The Sprinter Hybrid 190 has a groundbreaking feature that enables the machine to lift itself, along with the carried materials, onto a platform or van/lorry. Whilst the foldable legs allow for easy stowage.

The built-in laser safety feature enables easy lifting of loads without needing to bend your back thus avoiding injury.

Pallets and materials can be moved easily, lifted onto warehouse shelving or vehicles, and transported up and down the stairs with the Sprinter Hybrid 190 hand stacker.

The hand stacker lift can be used in a range of applications and is useful for transporting materials from warehouse to vehicle, particularly if stairs or curbs are in the way.

Suitable for industries such as logistics, last-mile delivery, warehousing, loading and unloading vehicles, and lifting products for fixing.

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Features & benefits


  • Maximum capacity: 190Kg
  • Maximum lift height: 1.1m
  • 3 hours fast charge lithium battery with a meter to show remaining power.
  • Battery capacity: 230-290 times [1 time = up and down]
  • Weight of battery unit: 3.2kg
  • Weight of machine: 54.8kg
  • Climbing speed: 23-34 steps/min
  • Rise and fall speed: between 20 – 50 secs a time.
  • Overall size: 1390mm x 585mm x 650mm
  • 190kg carrying capacity.
  • Cost-effective when compared to a permanent tailgate solution or warehouse forklift.
  • Self-lifting design and removable legs for easy vehicle stowage.
  • Can be used as a trolley and powered stair climber.
  • Lightweight aluminium design.
  • Fast loading and unloading improve business efficiencies.
  • The remote control is easy to use.
  • Up to 1m lifting height.
  • Automatic obstruction detection.
  • Removable lithium battery for quick in-transit charging.
  • Bespoke accessories for different sectors.
  • Free demonstration available.
  • National maintenance coverage.
  • Certificated training available.
  • Preventive maintenance schedule available.
  • Conform to EC handling regulations.
  • Competitive finance and hire options.
  • 12-month parts warranty included.