See what stanley has in store for 2018

As you may know already, stanley love showcasing its stair climbers and new products at related events – and this year is no different.

First up is the new and improved HVAC & Refrigeration show, formerly known as the ACR show. It’s been a couple of years since our last appearance at the event but this year we have a brand-new line of stair climbers which are perfect for the heating and ventilation industry. We urge everyone to pop along as visitors will receive an exclusive first look of the new Sprinters!

Key Details: Register for tickets at London’s Excel Centre on 23-25th January

Next on the calendar is the Executive Hire Show. This is a very exciting event for stanley as it holds the most potential for customers looking for a fast return on our products. And after our success with the hire sector last year, stanley realised we could do one better with our new competitive range of stair climbers, delivering an even BIGGER return on investment for our customers!

Key Details: Register for tickets at Richoh Arena, Coventry on 7-8th February

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