Roburtrucks – Delivering Bespoke Handling Solutions to the Transport & Logistics Sector

Who are Roburtrucks?

Roburtrucks has been delivering bespoke & specialist electric pedestrian handling solutions to the Transport & Logistics sector for any application up to 30,000kg to customers for over 40 years. Our ability to design bespoke solutions specifically to a customer’s needs ensures that we solve the problem at hand. Every bespoke application we design and manufacture is built to the highest safety standards, as well as being expertly engineered and backed up with a comprehensive service.

As a leading manufacturer, Roburtrucks has total control over the design and build of all solutions by ensuring that our design engineers work closely with our customers to create the right solution no matter how unusual or difficult the application.

Transport & Logistics forklift trucks

The Roburtrucks range includes; Pedestrian counterbalanced trucks, Pallet trucks, Powered Stackers, Reel Handlers, Work Positioners, Stainless Steel models, and other purpose-built bespoke material handling machines.

Our Expertise

We have the unique ability to design, manufacture, and deliver bespoke and specialist material handling solutions that often fall outside of the “brochure range” of standard fork-truck manufacturers.

Transport & Logistics forklift trucksNot only this, we understand that health and safety is critical for your business. Which is why we champion best practice in every tailor-made application that we manufacture.

Roburtrucks understands the handling challenges of the Transport & Logistics sector and that’s why we continually innovate to ensure we stay one step ahead of our customers’ expectations.

How can Roburtrucks help?

Our engineers pride themselves in helping our Transport & Logistics customers solve the problem at hand and have successfully built over 2000 bespoke handling machines specifically for the sector.

With over 150 individual configurations all with multiple mast, carriage, and attachment options, you can be confident that we have a solution for your requirement.

Contact the team with your bespoke requirement for a no-obligation quote by emailing [email protected] 

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