Remaining competitive in uncertain times

In these uncertain times that many UK businesses are facing, it is vital that business owners and leaders remain competitive.

Despite this, we can often neglect health and safety compliance as businesses focus on surviving.

Stanley has supported hundreds of businesses throughout the UK, from large corporates to SMES, by providing the Stanley Sprinter stair climber solution to their business.

Stair climber

What industries are using the Sprinter?

  • Removals
  • White goods
  • Hire firms
  • Breweries
  • Heating & Plumbing
  • Vending & Gaming ……..just to name a few

The machine allows your employees to not only move goods in a quicker more efficient manner than a standard sack barrow, but it is also an enabler for good health and safety practices. Workplace injuries can be reduced dramatically as loads on stairs and obstacles can be lifted in a controlled and safe way. This helps businesses perform their operations faster, with reduced risk and lower costs, which increases overall performance and competitiveness. 

Contact Stanley on [email protected] to find out how a stair climber can benefit your business.

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