Protect employee’s mental wellbeing whilst working from home or during self-isolation

Underlying mental health issues and concerns often come to the fore during times of stress and high anxiety. As the Coronavirus pandemic deepens in the UK, worryingly businesses are not only struggling to survive, managers are looking for ways to ensure that they are correctly supporting their teams in the process.

Prevention is better than cure.

Finding a preventative mental wellbeing strategy for your business is not only more cost effective, but it demonstrates that you are showing a duty of care to your employees. Research has shown that employees who feel supported and looked after are likely to be more productive.

Proactive HR departments and businesses that have already adopted a mental wellbeing strategy, may find it becoming somewhat redundant over the coming weeks, as more workers are being asked to work from home.

What processes are in place to ‘check-in’ on employees whilst they are working alone at home?

How can team leaders regularly ensure that staff are mentally well?

How can HR professionals, managers and business owners identify the ‘red flags’ amongst their employees, especially when they are working remotely?

Technology will be fundamental in helping companies operate efficiently throughout this period.

Whilst self-isolation and remote working can amplify loneliness and underlying mental health issues, there are some simple ways in which businesses can alleviate the sense of isolation with the use of tech.

High-speed internet and web sharing tools including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype make working from home much easier and make us feel better connected.

Some other great tips include:

  • video call as much as possible rather than an email or telephone call
  • introduce virtual coffee and lunch breaks
  • create fun online quizzes
  • share photos of your lunch or pets!
  • encourage a departmental online exercise class

Communication is key, particularly if you are working with a colleague on the same document or project.

Mindcheck ImageWhat’s more Mindcheck is the online technology for improving mental wellbeing in the workplace. Available exclusively from Stanley, the Mindcheck online survey tool enables employers to remotely monitor the emotional health of employees continuously, for the purpose of improving individual and company wellbeing.

You can rest assured that Mindcheck will quickly identify vulnerable team members who may be suffering from anxiety, stress or other mental health concerns – particularly important during these uncertain times.


Benefits of Mindcheck:

  • tailored to your business
  • continuous evaluation
  • management ‘red flag’ dashboard
  • strictly confidential
  • survey takes less than 2 minutes per month
  • smartphone compatible
  • identifies at risk employees immediately
  • increases team engagement
  • improves productivity
  • reduces company absenteeism
  • creates a healthier, more open work environment
  • demonstrates a proactive culture of support

For more information on Mindcheck visit  or call 0800 298 2980

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