Powermate LiftGate Vehicle Loading Solution

Introducing the ultimate vehicle solution. 

The LiftGate is an internally-fitted lifting arm that enables the operator to manoeuvre loads up to 225Kg from the rear or side door of a van onto the ground level with one simple movement. This lifting device takes up minimal space inside the van, and is protected from the elements unlike traditional external lifts.

Watch the video below to see the Powermate LiftGate in action

Installed in just four hours, the LiftGate replaces traditional external lifts and eliminates the risk of manhandling loads. Whether you wish to have it on the left or right-hand side, or by the side or rear door, there are a range of configurations to choose from, depending on what works best for you.

There are 2 versions offered: the LG-3 and LG-6. Both versions can be equipped with either a left or right-hand mounting configuration and can lift 114kg-227kg respectively.

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Features & benefits of the PowerMate Liftgate

  • Suitable for different vehicles
  • Lifts loads up to 225kg
  • Speeds loading and delivery
  • Cheaper than traditional hydraulic lifts
  • Eliminates product damage
  • Minimises physical effort & strain
  • 12-month parts guarantee
  • Conform to EC handling regulations
  • Certificated training
  • Competitive purchase packages
  • National maintenance team of engineers

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