Powered Stair Climbers for Material Handling

Moving heavy and awkward loads is an extremely laborious task and if there are stairs involved, it proves for an even bigger challenge. Aside from the limitations of manpower, handling such loads can cause severe injury if not carried out correctly.

Here at Stanley we offer an extensive range of stair climbing (stair walkers) and vehicle loading solutions which not only eliminate the risk of injury, but increase the level of productivity and efficiency during the material handling process.

What we offer

...to all our valued stair climber customers
  • 12-month warranty
  • Certificated training
  • Competitive purchasing & leasing packages
  • National maintenance coverage
  • Man & machine service
  • Extensive range of accessories for specific requirements

LOLER & Thorough Examination

Our products are fully supported by our national Service & Parts team who are licensed and trained to carry out certificated LOLER & Thorough Examinations.

Stanley Sprinter Powered Stair Climbers

Sprinter 85

Weighing just 13.5Kg, with a carrying capacity of up to 85Kg, the Sprinter 85 is the lightest stair climber available on the UK market.

Sprinter 190

Huge labour cost savings can be made with a Sprinter 190. The machine can move loads weighing up to 190Kg, which can significantly reduce the potential risk of personal injury and expensive litigation claims.

Sprinter 225

The Sprinter 225Kg can manoeuvre up to an impressive 225Kg. The stair climber adheres to strict H&S guidelines and EC handling regulations, so you can rest assured that your business is operating compliantly.

Sprinter Pro 425

The Sprinter Pro 425 is the most powerful powered stair climber in the Sprinter range. With a carrying capacity of up to 425kg, the Sprinter Pro 425 stair climber trolley enables weighty and awkward loads to be manoeuvred by a single operator.

Sprinter Hybrid 190

The Sprinter Hybrid 190 is a revolutionary manual handling machine combining the functionality of the Sprinter Lifter automatic hand stacker with the technology of a Sprinter powered stair climber.

PowerMate Powered Stair Climbers

L Series

There are two models within the series – the L1 and the LE1. The L1 is a specialist stair climber that can lift loads up to 295Kg, whereas the LE1 can lift loads up to 318Kg and features a movable toe plate.

M Series

There two models in this series – the M1 and M2B. The difference between the two is the toe plate size and height of the machines, the M2B is slightly bigger. Both sit within the PowerMate range.