Powered stair climbers: How the stair walker can help your business

Powered stair climbers (or stair walkers) have been around for a while now, however, it still seems that industry awareness around them and usage is much lower than it arguably should be in this era of heightened health & safety awareness.

What is a powered stair climber (stair walker) and what are they used for?

Stair walkers are typically used to transport heavy goods up and down stairs with a single operator, saving the need for multiple persons to shift heavy loads manually. They are essentially stair climbing sack trucks, whereby a load is strapped securely to the lifting platform and then – at the touch of a button – the load can be easily moved across multiple levels of almost any building. Whether it’s a stadium, a hotel, an office, even a block of flats, there’s a use for a powered stair climber in almost any workplace environment.

At stanley, we have been supplying a range of stair walkers / powered stair climbers to many industries around the UK for decades, so we’re well placed to help with your material handling stair climber requirements.

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