Working with machinery, we know that sometimes worn or broken parts need to be replaced. If you have misplaced a charger or need a part for your manual handling equipment as an example – Stanley can help.

Our national team of highly skilled engineers have decades of experience servicing and maintaining all types of mechanical and material handling equipment. Meaning that they are on hand to replace the parts for you.

To purchase a part simply email [email protected] or fill in the form.

We also supply parts for all the leading brands of material handling equipment.

Remember that the Stanley parts team are here to support you to keep your business operational whilst minimising downtime.

Benefits of working with the Stanley parts team

  • Wide range of parts kept in stock
  • Exclusive UK supplier of PowerMate, Sprinter stair climbers, TGR and Roburtrucks OEM parts
  • Decades of experience
  • National maintenance team of accredited technicians
  • Reliable breakdown & repair service
  • Fixed price preventative maintenance plans
  • Servicing & maintain ALL types of material handling equipment
  • Reduction in downtime for your team
  • Improved safety for property and persons
  • Greater reliability of your assets
  • Thorough Examination (LOLER) documentation
  • Specialist storage inspections (SEMA)
  • Regular reminders of service date

Save time and money on your servicing and maintenance, and more importantly protect your assets and people by contacting Stanley.

Our products are fully supported by our national service & parts team who are licensed and trained to carry out certificated LOLER, Thorough Examinations.

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