Stanley offer an exciting new piece of propulsion technology for wheelchair users…

The NuDrive Air comprises of two cleverly designed levers which attach to a wheelchair in a matter of seconds. By doing so wheelchair users can propel themselves forwards, backwards, manoeuvre and brake, enabling them to tackle steep hills and slopes without assistance. Operating at a 50% increased efficiency compared to traditional wheelchair steering the NuDrive Air not only improves user independence but promotes a healthier lifestyle.

To strengthen our research of the many benefits of the NuDrive Air, a medical study has been carried out. Participants were selected by diversity, some were long term users of the NuDrive Air (more than a year) and others were tested as part of the study. 12 persons were tested in total, all currently using a traditional wheelchair as a primary means of transport. Respondents were equally distributed among men and women and factored into the following groups which may benefit from the NuDrive Air:

  • Paraplegics

  • People with low dexterity (e.g. tetraplegics, arthritis)

  • Arthritis patients

  • Muscle degeneration conditions

  • Cerebral paresis

  • Respiratory condition

  • Hemiplegics

It is evident from the study that those who do not have sufficient strength to perform regular daily activities benefit greatly from using the NuDrive Air. Its unique system increases the effect of the remaining muscle strength the respondents have, as the lever mechanism provides an extra mechanical advantage to them when moving forward in their wheelchair. This reduces levels of fatigue experienced.

The study also noted an improvement in respiration and a decrease in the level of pain in the shoulders, wrists and hands. Evidently the NuDrive Air works as a form of therapy for existing pain, and can also work as a preventative method to ensure that pain will not occur as easily as a long-term injury caused by daily life in a wheelchair.

What’s more the levers can attach to almost any wheelchair with 22, 24 and 25-inch spoked wheels. If you require a customised handle, be it curved or longer in length we can certainly manufacture to your specific needs.

The NuDrive Air ultimately changes the way people live. By controlling your chair though a pair of levers, the NuDrive Air protects your hands from contacting with the tyres and rims, avoiding exposure from the nasties your chair rolls through daily.