New stair climber launched to revolutionise home delivery

BREAKING NEWS: stanley is excited to launch the eagerly anticipated Sprinter 85 powered stair climber.

Demand for a compact, more agile stair climber solution led to stanley developing the Sprinter 85.   Delivering a design that is lighter than competitor products, but still able to carry an impressive 85Kg up and down stairs, the climber meets the needs of those who need to carry medium-light loads in a safe and efficient way.

The Sprinter 85 is the perfect antidote for delivery companies having to contend with hundreds of parcels throughout the day for example or online grocery companies making multiple drops. The machine discreetly fits away in the back of the vehicle or the front caddy, so not taking up valuable space. What’s more the lightweight design makes it easier to lift in and out of the vehicle several times.

The lithium battery is robust enough to last the duration of the workers shift and charges in just one hour, in transit, if necessary.

A stanley Sprinter 85 stair climber not only provides convenience and a reduction in labour required to move loads but can significantly reduce the potential risk of accidents and personal injury on the stairs. The machine also improves the customer experience and is ideal for applications in Retail and grocery delivery as well as in schools, hospitals, offices etc.

Some of the benefits of this unique lightweight machine include:

  • Weighs only 13.5Kg – making it highly portable
  • One-man operation reduces manpower
  • Extensive range of accessories available for specific industry needs
  • Adjustable handle for varying load heights
  • Suitable for a range of industries such as online grocery delivery. retail and couriers
  • Push button control makes it easier to carry loads up and down stairs
  • Protect your workforce from injury and your business from litigation claims

Is your stair climber too heavy to lift? Are you using a sack truck that is difficult to manoeuvre? Do you struggle to carry loads up and down the stairs? Is it difficult getting your sack barrow or existing heavy stair climber in and out of the vehicle? If you answered YES, to any of these questions then a Sprinter 85 is for you!

To book your free demonstration or for more information call the sales team on 0800 298 2980 or email [email protected] 

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