Lightweight stair climber for multi-drop deliveries

Why should multi-drop delivery companies use electric stair climbers?

Manual handling causes over a third of injuries in the workplace. The term covers many activities including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and carrying.

Due to the repetitive nature of online deliveries, employers by law must ensure that their workers are protected from the risk of manual handling injury. [The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992]

With just over half (53%) of the UK population now shopping online for groceries)  and 51% of consumers preferring online to the physical store for other goods, now is the time for multi-drop delivery businesses to make sure that their operation is efficient, timely and safe.  

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Increasing pressures on multi-drop delivery firms

Multi-drop and grocery delivery businesses are under increased pressure to not only deliver more frequently, but to deliver within shorter time slot allocations to ever demanding customers.

Industrial claims

Should the employee manoeuvre incorrectly, when carrying groceries up the stairs for example, there is an added risk of injury. In today’s litigation claim culture employers need to introduce methods to protect themselves too.   

Employee sick days

Not having access to adequate tools to deliver groceries or parcels means that workers are more likely to incur injuries or become increasingly tired throughout their shift. Consequently, tired workers are more likely to make mistakes, cause themselves injuries and not deliver a professional customer experience. All of which can add to the number of sick days, putting added pressure and costs onto the business.

Customer experience

Receiving grocery and white good orders on time and undamaged means for an excellent customer experience. Using tools such as a powered stair climber allows a multi-drop delivery driver to safely and efficiently deliver the goods to the customer professionally.

Efficient workforce

Delivering large parcels, particularly white goods such as American style fridge freezers or washing machines, requires at least two people to do the job.

Loyal customer

The market for online food deliveries is highly competitive, particularly between the top four supermarkets. Often the customer will place a weekly order, so the value of their repeat business is high. Developing the customer experience during the delivery process will help retain this loyalty and prevent switching. 

Failed deliveries and the associated costs

Failed deliveries cost the business time and money. What’s more with the threat of bad PR going viral on  social media, multi-drop delivery companies need to protect the brand from horror stories.

Why work with stanley?

  • Developed specialist machines
  • National breakdown support service
  • 70 years’ experience in manual handling and safety
  • Provide certificated training and maintenance on machines
  • Reduce costs and increased efficiencies
  • Manual handling training specialists
  • stanley Handling provide a 12-week certificated programme
  • Incorporate worker protection technology which will assess the critical movement of workforce

Multi-drop sectors that we work with:


  • Retail: white goods delivery
  • Online grocery deliveries
  • Restaurants
  • Parcel services

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