We believe the next generation of mobility solutions lies within our excellent range of wheelchair stairclimbers and cutting-edge NuDrive Air propulsion technology. These products not only improve user independence but deliver a dignified solution for users to be transported up and down stairs with minimum fuss.

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The Jolly wheelchair stair climber is designed to transport most traditional wheelchair types through its secure systems frame.

Once attached, the certified operator uses the Jolly to transport users up and down stairs through a smooth tracking motion, making it an ideal product for users travelling in the comfort of their own wheelchair.


The Tolo wheelchair stair climber offers two functions, one being the operator driven stair climbing solution and the other an independent driving system.

This purpose-built machine delivers a more bespoke offering, whereby users can navigate using the control system to overcome architectural barriers. Its seat is fully-equipped with foldable armrests, a headrest and an adjustable footrest, which optimises user comfort.

NuDrive Air

The NuDrive Air is an exciting piece of technology which enables traditional wheelchair operations to be turned on their axle. By attaching a simple lever system onto the side of the wheels, its ‘Snap-Lock’ technology is fitted in a matter of seconds, allowing the user to propel themselves forwards and backwards, manoeuvre and brake.

This technology is 50% more efficient than a traditional wheelchair, which improves user independence through normal and difficult terrain. Its padded handles also help to prevent ill-hygiene, eliminating the need for gloves.