stanley offer a very strong range of mobility products for use in household and domestic environments, designed to improve user mobility, comfort and ultimately boost the quality of life for those that are less able-bodied. From wheelchair stair climbing solutions to cutting-edge propulsion technology for wheelchairs, our range is extensive.

The Tolo is a battery-powered wheelchair unit, which enables users to ascend and descend the majority of staircases, be they straight, winding, spiral or beyond.

The key benefit of this particular piece of equipment is that it enables the wheelchair user to navigate the home unaided, which increases user independence, and subsequently their quality of life.

A trained individual is required to guide the machine during the stair climbing process, which is a very straightforward task, completed at the touch of a button. The seat comes fully equipped with a foldable armrest, headrest and adjustable footrest which all aid posture. Various attachments and configurations can also be supplied for a more tailored solution.

The other wheelchair stair climber is the Jolly, which allows most wheelchair types to be fitted onto its secure systems frame. It is designed to work with electric chairs, wheelchairs with tilting or movable backrests and even pushchairs.

The key benefit of this model is that it enables users to be transported from within their own wheelchair, which offers a very dignified solution. As a fully-collapsible unit with many customisable features, this model can be easily dismantled into two separate pieces which enable it to be transported in a car.


The final household and domestic mobility product we offer is the NuDrive Air.

The NuDrive Air is an exciting piece of technology which comprises of a simple level system that is attached to the side of the wheels. The ‘Snap-Lock’ technology can be fitted in a matter of seconds, instantly enabling the user to propel themselves forwards and backwards, and to manoeuvre and brake. This unique lever system is 50% more efficient than a traditional wheelchair system, and improves user independence through normal and difficult terrain, such as steep slopes and hills.

Among its many obvious benefits, such as improving user health through promoting light exercise, the NuDrive Air has padded handles which eliminate the need for gloves.