The Sprinter Lifter from Stanley is an automatic hand stacker that enables the safe, quick and efficient loading and unloading of materials. 

Watch the video below to see the Lifter in action

The electric hand stacker has a 170kg lifting capacity can reach 1.1m lift height. Using the remote control, a single operator can lift loads safely from ground level into racking and vehicles for example as well as many other applications.

The hand stacker Lifter is a cost-effective alternative to a tail lift and can resolve a range of lifting problems such as loading into vans and unloading onto high shelves. It is ideal for workshops or warehouses where forklifts are not permitted or financially feasible.

What is more, the Lifter self-loads into the back or the van or truck, further reducing the risks of a manual handling injury.

The removable feet enable the self-loading Lifter to be stowed away easily and safely in the back of a vehicle or in a storage area.

Pallet as well as material loading, and unloading is taken care of with a Stanley Lifter.

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Features & benefits of the Lifter


  • Maximum capacity: 170Kg
  • Maximum lift height: 1.1m
  • 3-4 hours fast charge lithium battery
  • Battery meter to show remaining power
  • Battery capacity: 250-300 times [1 time = up and down]
  • Weight of battery unit: 3.2kg
  • Weight of machine: 43.6kg
  • Overall size: 1470mm x 550mm x 650mm
  • Self-lifting device for loading materials
  • 170kg lifting capacity
  • Cost-effective when compared to a permanent tailgate solution
  • Self-lifting for easy stowage
  • Can be used as a trolley
  • Lightweight aluminium design
  • Fast loading and unloading increases efficiencies
  • Remote control is easy to use
  • 1m maximum lifting capacity
  • Removable legs for easy stowage
  • Automatic obstruction detection
  • Universal wheel allows for 360degree rotation
  • Removable lithium battery for quick in-transit charging
  • Bespoke accessories for different sectors
  • Free demonstrations
  • National maintenance coverage
  • Certificated training available
  • Preventive maintenance schedule available
  • Conform to EC handling regulations
  • Competitive finance and hire options
  • 12-month parts warranty included