Latest technical development from Stanley – move 425kg on the stairs

**New product launch:

Sprinter Pro 425**

Sprinter Pro 425 remote control

Stanley’s latest development in stair climber technology is the Sprinter Pro 425, which enables a single operator to move loads on the stairs that weigh up to an incredible 425kg.

The technical advancements of the Sprinter Pro 425 allow weighty items to be carried up and down the stairs confidently and safely by remote control.



The automatic self-levelling stair climber protects the user and the load by automatically adapting to the incline of the stairs, even if the steps are uneven or the staircase is narrow.

Stanley solving your manual handling problems

Sprinter Pro 425 stationary on the stairs

Stringent health and safety regulations mean that businesses must ensure that their employees are protected at work. Maneuvering heavy items can be dangerous and often requires several people to do so. Not only does this pose a health and safety risk, but the transported goods can become damaged in the process.

Other challenges such as a steep, narrow, and tight staircase contribute to the hazardous problem. As does uneven flooring and unknown terrain.

Stanley has listened to these challenges to develop the Sprinter Pro 425 which resolves the many high-risk issues associated with moving heavy items on the stairs.

The Sprinter Pro 425’s intuitive remote control removes the requirement to manually manage a heavy load, reducing operator fatigue. Further peace of mind is given as the automatic self-levelling function will always adapt to the loads centre of gravity. Each item is therefore kept balanced during transportation.  An operator can also safely and confidently stop anywhere on the stairs. Fears over the dropping of materials or causing an injury are now eliminated.

Sprinter Pro 425Such features protect the load, particularly important when moving sensitive or high-value items such as telecoms equipment, data servers, or electrical motors as an example. The high-grade anti-slip caterpillar tracks are non-marking making the machine suitable for use both indoor and outdoor, as well as on flat surfaces.

Concerns over narrow staircases or tight landings are no longer since the Sprinter Pro 425 can move in the tightest of spaces with 360-degree rotation.

All of which reduces the risk of injury to ultimately enhance the safety measures within your business.

Stanley is offering a FREE demonstration of the Sprinter Pro 425 stair climber at your business. To book your demo or to request a product specification sheet simply email: [email protected] 



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