Latest AI wearable technology for reducing injuries in the workplace

SoterCoach from Stanley

Soter on shirtStanley, a market leader in Health & Safety solutions, has partnered with SoterCoach Analytics to bring you the latest AI [artificial intelligence] wearable technology for reducing injuries in the workplace.

We do not need to tell you the statistics on workdays lost through back injuries or the financial cost to your business.

What we would like you to consider is your current budget for Manual Handling Training.

  • How effective is it in reducing injuries?
  • How do you report training performance?
  • How do you report improvements in those colleagues who are working safely?
  • How do you manage new starters effectively?

For as little as £50 per person investment you can deliver the following:

  • Manual Handling Coaching program directly to the user’s smartphone or communal tablet
  • Live notifications when a hazardous move is detected
  • Daily management data to track performance
  • Comprehensive 14-day program
  • The worker is in control of their own learning experience
  • With custom tutorials, a visual representation of important movement data for self-reflection

Management advantages:

  • Immediately access data
  • Visualise objective risk data to analyse and reduce workplace risk through redesign of processes, job tasks, equipment, and training
  • View and manage the progress of each workers H&S learning
  • Data is used to design new workplace solutions
  • If there is a high employee churn, a significant reduction in hours lost to classroom-style H&S training
  • Understand exactly where the improvements are happening

Soter phoneThe device uses AI to measure physical movement, frequency and forces on the body. Linked to an app on the user’s smartphone or communal tablet, data collected helps employees to look after their bodies with help from a series of tutorials on safe handling.

Innovations like these, which identify hazardous actions through AI without any inconvenience to the user, have shown to deliver positive results to individuals and organisations alike. In 2018, the UK’s largest distributor of building materials, Travis Perkins, trialled the technology with 120 employees over 10 weeks, as part of its commitment to reducing musculoskeletal injury risks and costs. The trial achieved a 40% reduction in high risk movements, which encouraged Travis Perkins to roll-out the system across its business divisions.

Watch the video below or visit this page to find out more.


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