Katie Price uses Jolly wheelchair stair climber

Model Katie Price has been spotted using the Jolly wheelchair stair climber from Stanley whilst visiting a private clinic in London for treatment on her broken feet.

Jolly wheelchair stair climber
Credit: w8media


The specialist mobility solution enables users to travel up and down steps in the comfort of their wheelchair. Perfect for Ms. Price, who is currently unable to walk due to her injuries.

She is seated comfortably in a wheelchair which is securely attached to the Jolly machine. A friend is seen to be maneuvering her safely up a set of steps into the clinic building.

Permanent installation of the machine is not required, meaning that the tracked stair climber can be used at several locations. The user’s wheelchair simply attaches to the tracked base of the stair climber, ready for use.

The Jolly’s unique design ensures that the occupant is kept level during travel on the stairs, always encouraging confidence and trust during operation.

Stanley has worked with many individuals and organisations throughout the UK to provide access to their homes or businesses.

To book a free demonstration or for more information email [email protected] or call 0800 298 2980.

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