See the Jolly in action

The Jolly is a mobile stair climber which allows the user to travel up and down the stairs in the comfort of their own wheelchair. Designed to overcome almost all types of staircases, it is compatible with electric chairs, wheelchairs with tilting or movable backrests and even pushchairs.

Installation is not required, therefore once attached to the wheelchair, a trained operator manoeuvres the Jolly to transport the user up and down stairs through a smooth tracking motion.

The unique design will keep the user at a level position on the stairs, instilling confidence and trust at all times. 

It is easily folded down into two separate pieces to fit into the boot of car or ambulance for ease of transportation. For heavier weight capacities the Jolly can be fitted with a strong metallic ramp or large base plate. 


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Features & benefits of the Jolly Series

  • Tracked mobile stair climber
  • Ascent range 50 floors with a weight of 130kg
  • Easy to dismantle for vehicle loading
  • No transfer process needed
  • Accommodates various wheelchair types
  • Loading ramps available
  • Suitable for fire evacuations and lift breakdowns
  • Emergency button for peace of mind
  • Key switch for authorised personnel use
  • Double security device
  • Automatic braking system for peace of mind
  • Simple push button control
  • Certificated training
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 24-month warranty

Jolly powered stair climber making life easy

The stair climber, which enables users to travel in the comfort of their own wheelchair, is transforming the lives of many. 


What is extremely beneficial is that the unit is highly portable – a feature than many equivalent products do not have. The Jolly can easily be transported in the back of a vehicle once folded down by the operator. Simply dismantle the Jolly into its two constituate parts and load the machine into the car or ambulance. 

For more information about how he Jolly can improve your standard of living, contact a member of our sales team on 0800 298 2980.