Innovating Covid-secure solutions for single person handling

*Introducing the Stanley Lifter*

The exponential growth in home delivery has meant an inevitable rise in manual handling injuries, which already costs the UK economy hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

Musculoskeletal injuries account for over 40% of all work-related sickness with latest available statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) showing that more than 8 million working days are lost to this type of injury annually.

In a specific industry sector, such as construction, that’s back working again, companies and their workers are under pressure to get projects back on track that have been delayed due to lockdown. According to HSE statistics, 1.2 million working days are already lost each year in the construction sector due to ill health with 60% of those involving Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). Poor manual handling of building materials and heavy equipment is responsible for the most common injuries to the back and upper limbs, which result in an injury lasting over 7 days.

Where industries rely on the movement and deployment of heavy equipment and materials, this puts businesses in a challenging position as regards maintaining a ‘Covid Secure’ operation with particular focus on social distancing. Irrespective of the regulations surrounding the pandemic, all companies, from major PLCs to small sub-contractors, have a responsibility to assess and manage the risks posed to their employees from manual handling, as covered by the Manual Handling Operations Regulations (MHOR)1992. Failure to comply leaves a business and its directors at risk of prosecution from the HSE, not to mention the potential fall-out from financial penalties and reputational damage.

Covid-secure solutions

With over 70 years’ experience in the materials handling industry, Stanley is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions, including its range of market-leading powered stair climbers, which enable a single operator to manoeuvre loads in excess of 400kgs. Where social distancing is essential and also in circumstances where space is at a premium, particularly on construction sites or in warehouses, being able to safely manage goods solo provides a compelling proposition.


With a carrying capacity of up to 425kg, for example, Stanley’s Sprinter Pro 425 is the most powerful stair climber in the company’s range and is the most cost-effective machine on the market in this category.

A single operator can manoeuvre very heavy and awkward loads by remote control and the Sprinter Pro 425’s innovative self-levelling technology adapts automatically to stairway inclines, maintaining a horizontal load at all times on the stairs. This protects the materials from damage during transportation and helps to prevent manual handling injury.

*New product launch – Sprinter Lifter*


Ideal for factories, workshops or warehouses where forklifts are not permitted nor financially viable, Stanley’s Sprinter Lifter is an automatic hand stacker that’s designed to enable safe, swift and efficient materials handling. With the option of fitment to a vehicle, the machine provides logistics firms and other retail merchants with a cost-effective alternative solution to a permanent vehicle tailgate.

Stanley LifterOffering a lifting capacity of 170kg and a lift height of up to 1.1m, a lone operator can lift loads safely into and out of vehicles and racking, again with the help of remote control. Additional features, such as automatic obstruction detection, 360-degree rotation and removable fast-charging lithium battery make the Sprinter Lifter a valuable asset for enhanced safety, as well as ‘Covid Secure’ compliance.

In its mission to help businesses achieve greater safety and efficiency in operations involving manual handling, Stanley’s comprehensive portfolio of materials handling solutions offers a significant return on investment, as Sales Director, Chris Walshe, comments:

“The duration of the pandemic has wreaked havoc with company balance sheets, so businesses that have weathered the storm thus far will be looking for a reversal in fortunes during 2021.  Of course, social distancing rules make it difficult for them to operate as before, so this is where Stanley can make a tangible difference. Whatever the requirement, Stanley has it covered when it comes to materials handling. We encourage interested businesses to take a trial with us to show how our cost-effective solutions can deliver a positive return.”

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