How to safely move empty or full kegs from the cellar

According to figures released by the British and Pub Association (BBPA), there are still 47,000 publicans who face the task of destroying 70m pints of beer nationwide, enough to fill nearly 16 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Some pubs are currently open but are only allowed to operate as takeaway schemes, encouraging customers to bring containers.

But this is still not enough to compensate for the kegs of beer and ale that is going out of date in many cellars.

There is fear from industry groups that up to 40 percent of pubs will never reopen, on top of the 10,000-plus that have already shut their doors in the past 20 years.

The BBPA also called for pubs to have access to the job retention scheme beyond June and urged longer-term measures such as reduced VAT rates for the hospitality sector and a cut in beer duty.

Whilst some of the unsaleable beer has been used by farmers to make fertiliser or animal feed, there are still many kegs to be moved or disposed of.

What can be done today?

powered stair climber To help Drayman now, a powered stair climber can be used to easily transport full kegs on stairs and other obstacles.

Powered stair climbers can move various weights and loads using customisable accessories to reduce workplace injuries, loads are lifted in a controlled and safe way so businesses are also able to reduce risk and increase overall operational performance.

Stanley has worked with Fullers brewery and many other hospitality businesses throughout the UK to improve their health & safety operations with the use of a powered stair climber.

Brewery vehicle laadling

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