How to reduce the risk of a workplace injury by up to 70%

 Reduce the risk of workplace injury by up to 70%

A recent study into injury incidents in the UK within the last five years, reveals that a one in four has suffered a severe injury sustained at work.

Reduce risk of back injuryThis worryingly comes as public health experts have stated that health and safety officials should be able to check on workers in their own home environment since some employers are not taking their duty of care obligations seriously.

Employers must ensure that their staff have a safe workplace however whilst the law enables inspectors to visit a workplace, currently it restricts calls to the private home.

There are increasing concerns that home workers do not have the correct equipment, resulting in an increase in the number of back, neck and musculoskeletal injuries.

Extension of legislation

Professor Dingwall, an expert in public health at Nottingham Trent University, said: “I am calling for an extension of the health and safety at work legislation to cover people working from home.”

Jo Frape, from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, said: “We anticipate this will become a big issue and although employers have a duty of care to their employees, people’s homes are not necessarily set up properly with chairs and desks.

“Sitting awkwardly for long periods on a dining chair or on a sofa and in cramped conditions can cause or exacerbate lower back pain, bone, muscle and joint pains which can become chronic. This is added to the psychological stress of childcare during work time or isolation for many. There needs to be more legislation to enforce the legal duty of employers to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees.”

What can employers do to help prevent an injury?


Available from Stanley, the SoterCoach wearable device and app-based training programme enables employees to improve ergonomic practices and avoid physical injury in the workplace. Whether this is remotely in the private home or at the place of work as lockdown starts to ease.

The programme provides personalised feedback accompanied by micro-learning tutorials for workers to self-correct their movements in real-time. All data is accessible via the analytics dashboard.

SoterCoach delivered by Stanley is the most advanced manual handling wellbeing program available today and will deliver positive results in just 12 days.

It is proven to reduce the number of higher-risk movements by 30-70%​ and has been used by industry leaders such as Travis Perkins.

Benefits of SoterCoach

  • Discreet, non-invasive wearable device clips onto the collar
  • Cut manual handling training costs
  • Reduce the risk of injury through ongoing training
  • Monitors 8 critical spinal movements in real-time
  • Instant audio and haptic risk alerts
  • Personlised coaching encourages behavioural change
  • Improves business productivity
  • Reduce company absenteeism
  • Creates a safer and healthier workplace
  • Demonstrates a proactive culture of wellbeing
  • Easy to use dashboard for management analysis

Stanley can provide a FREE demonstration and a set-up service to your employees whether they are working remotely or at your place of work.

Contact Stanley today for a FREE no-obligation demonstration.

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