How to climb stairs in a wheelchair

Getting a wheelchair up and down stairs is an extremely difficult task, and often considered impossible with someone in it!

At stanley, we have the ultimate solutions for climbing stairs in a wheelchair; our wheelchair stair climbers enable you to navigate staircases with relative ease.

First up, the Tolo wheelchair stair climber.

Tolo Mobility Stair Climber

The Tolo is a comfortable battery-powered wheelchair unit, which enables users to ascend and descend the majority of staircases including spiral, winding and straight stairs as well as door thresholds. Easy to use and versatile, the powered wheelchair will become your partner for overcoming your stair climbing needs.

You can view more information about the Tolo mobility solution here.

Jolly Mobility Stair Climber

The Jolly is a mobile stair climber which allows the user to travel up and down the stairs in the comfort of their own wheelchair. Designed to overcome almost all types of staircases, it is compatible with electric chairs, wheelchairs with tilting or movable backrests and even pushchairs.

Jolly powered stair climber

You can view more information about the Jolly mobility solution here.

Whichever mobility/wheelchair stair climbing solution you opt for, rest assured, that you’re in safe hands with Stanley! Worrying about ascending and descending stairs in a wheelchair is a thing of the past.

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