How powered wheelchair stair climbers can help care homes as Covid restrictions relax

As the covid-19 lockdown eases over the coming weeks, care homes face further challenges to the way they operate.

Care home restrictions easingThe good news is that one nominated person will be allowed to visit their loved one in a care home if they receive a negative lateral flow coronavirus test before entry and wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

Care workers have battled ample issues since lockdown began in March 2020 yet now, they will be tasked with further disruption to comply with the changing restrictions.

As the frequency of visitors starts to rise, staff will be required to regularly manoeuvre the residents around the home.

Consequently, care home managers need to seek solutions that enable their care home residents and staff to remain safe and comfortable during this process.

care home

Stanley offers a range of mobility products for use in residential care environments, designed to improve user mobility, comfort, and boost the quality of care given to those that are less mobile. The wheelchair powered stair climbers are designed to help to improve operational efficiency, safety, and the professional image of residential care establishments nationwide.

The use of a mobility powered stair climber in manoeuvring people on the stairs not only reduces the risk of injury to the care home staff, but it helps to protect the resident during transportation.

Evacuation and fire safety important

Our powered stair climbers are especially useful for fire evacuations and lift failures, providing a safe and reliable solution for those in their hour of need. These health & safety procedures may have been overlooked as other processes took priority during the pandemic.

Watch the video below to see how Stanley helped Collinson Care Home with their Fire Safety Procedures 

Benefits to your care home:

Benefits to your care home:

  • Smooth and comfortable transportation on stairs and over door thresholds
  • Eliminates the need for expensive building or stair alterations in the home
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Useful during lift failures or fire evacuations
  • Prevent injury of care home staff
  • Improve the professional image of the residential home
  • Improve the quality of care given
  • An automatic braking system for peace of mind
  • Bespoke accessories available
  • Free demonstrations
  • National maintenance coverage
  • Certificated training provided
  • Competitive finance and hire options
  • 24-month parts warranty included

Mobility powered stair climbers helping as we ease out of lockdown.

Jolly powered stair climberStanley is offering FREE demonstrations from our training room via Zoom or if permissible, COVID-19 secure meetings at your care home where our trainer wears the appropriate PPE protection.

Reducing injuries and supporting businesses with cost-efficient solutions is a major focus for innovative mobility handling equipment specialist, Stanley. The Hertfordshire-based company is at the forefront of wheelchair stair climber development, supplying and maintaining a range of machines, capable of moving people weighing up to 150kg, across a broad range of sectors for over 75 years.

Call Stanley 0800 298 2980 to find out how we can help you comply with the new rules.

“The Jolly has given my husband his independence and confidence back. I use the machine to take him upstairs, whilst he comfortably sits in his wheelchair. It has removed the hassle and fuss of transferring him in and out of his chair.”
Mrs. Mary Howard.

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