How powered stair climbers help to overcome social distancing restrictions

As lockdown eases and many businesses to return to work, organisations face a different way of operating. Business owners are tasked with unusual challenges.

moving white goods on the stairs

Social distancing rules have forced businesses to review their operational strategy.  A one-man operation is now faced with moving, lifting, and carrying heavy goods up and downstairs, as well as over other obstacles and thresholds.  This poses potential health and safety risks to the individual and the business.

delivering boxesWhat does that mean when heavy or awkward load needs to be moved? Typically, two or more people would carry white goods, kegs, cylinders, photocopiers, boilers, air conditioners, or other such items for example. Now, this is simply not allowed, and staff must be protected accordingly.

Consequently, it is vital for companies to look for alternative solutions that can help manoeuvre loads during this situation. This must be achieved whilst maintaining business margins and complying with current social distancing regulations.

Powered stair climbers paving the way to safer ways of working

To facilitate new ways of working, companies can use a powered stair climber to move loads upstairs – be it cabinets, photocopiers, boilers, air conditioner units etc – safely and more efficiently whilst eliminating the need for a two-man operation.

Reducing injuries and supporting businesses with cost-efficient solutions is a major focus for innovative manual handling equipment specialist, Stanley. The Bedfordshire-based company is at the forefront of powered stair climber development, supplying and maintaining a range of machines, capable of moving weights up to an impressive 680Kg, across a broad range of sectors for over 75 years.

Contact Stanley to find out how we can help you comply with social distancing rules.

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