How is a brewery to dispose safely of unwanted beer?

Moving beer kegsThe new lockdown regulations published by Public Health England state that the sale of alcohol for consumption off-premises will be allowed – if it has been ordered in advance online, by phone, or by post.

Despite this, there will still be gallons of beer going to waste over the coming weeks. Approximately 70m pints of beer were thrown away during the first lockdown according to the British Beer and Pubs Association.

Huge loss for small business

They estimate only 7.5m will be wasted this time, but it will still incur a large loss for many small businesses.

Neil Walker, head of communications at the Society of Independent Brewers said it would be impossible to quantify the damage the lockdown would cause but said “what we do know is that over the summer two independent breweries a week closed their doors for good.” He said millions of pints of fresh beer faced being thrown away because it wouldn’t last the duration of the lockdown.

He added sales at small breweries were down 82% during the first lockdown and expected things to be even tougher this time around.

Official guidance on destroying beer, wine and cider can be found here.

What can be done now?

To help Drayman with this mammoth task, a powered stair climber can be used to easily transport full kegs on stairs and other obstacles.

Powered stair climbers can move various weights and loads using customisable accessories to reduce workplace injuries, loads are lifted in a controlled and safe way, so businesses are also able to reduce risk and increase overall operational performance.

Stanley has worked with Fuller’s Brewery and many other hospitality businesses throughout the UK to improve their health & safety operations with the use of a powered stair climber.

Reducing injuries and supporting businesses with cost-efficient solutions is a major focus for innovative manual handling equipment specialist, Stanley. The Bedfordshire-based company is at the forefront of powered stair climber development, supplying and maintaining a range of machines designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Extended trials with major retailers have already shown them to offer a significant return on investment, through savings in manpower and a reduction in operative injury.

And over recent months, Stanley has been supporting businesses with their COVID-19 strategy.

Does your business need support?

Find out how Stanley can help you during this difficult time. Arrange a ‘social distanced’ free demonstration today by calling 0800 298 2980 or going here



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