Delivery firms failing to deliver?

Choosing where to make purchases based on delivery options is a growing trend in the UK. According to research by Interactive Media in Retail Group, 32.9% of consumers have abandoned an online purchase during the checkout stage because there is not a convenient delivery option available.

Combine this with recent media coverage highlighting how numerous white good delivery drivers are refusing to carry materials upstairs – quoting time pressures, worry of personal injury and risk of damaging the goods as to reasons why, it is no wonder that the moving and delivery industry is under increasing scrutiny and pressure.

 Is your business suffering as a result?

You can eliminate these problems with the use of a power stair climber to provide a quick, safe and efficient material handling solution.

The Sprinter 190 will not only carry large loads weighing up to 190Kg, it can manoeuvre awkward loads with minimal effort. What’s more, by use of a single operator, huge savings on labour costs can be made whilst enforcing best practice H&S guidelines. Providing a quick return on investment, the Sprinter 190 is available with many accessories meaning it can be customisable to your business, adding further value and you will have peace of mind knowing that the stair climber is covered with our extensive 12-month warranty.

 Can you afford to not find out more?

For information about how the Sprinter 190 can help your business save time and money call 0800 298 2980 or email [email protected] 


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